Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Jr. Ski toSea Parade

End of year busyness - Yikes!!  Our band and  choir students are ALL over the place this time of year.  We will try and catch you up each day  this week.

LMS Jr. Ski to Sea Parade

Before the parade we tanked up our 7th and 8th grade students with carbs!!

And this was before the pizza was delivered by the good people at Milt's  Pizza!   And they put a pretty good dent into all  that food too.
Time to load the busses.


How is this for the cutest band assistant EVER?  Mr.  Norman's little guy marching with  the band, playing his kazoo.
Cuteness factor always works!

Well done, LMS Marching Band!!   See you marching  again at the Farmers Day Parade in June.

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