Tuesday, November 25, 2008



What if we could raise money for our favorite charities and schools by doing something we do every day — searching the Internet? Would you make the effort?
GoodSearch is a search engine which donates 50-percent of its revenue to the charities and schools designated by its users. It's a simple and compelling concept. You use GoodSearch exactly as you would any other search engine. Because it's powered by Yahoo!, you get proven search results. The money GoodSearch donates to your cause comes from its advertisers — the users and the organizations do not spend a dime!

How does it work?

  1. On the GoodSearch homepage, choose from thousands of organizations or add your favorite cause to our list. We hope you will choose The Lynden Music Boosters
  2. Search the Internet just like you normally would — the site is powered by Yahoo!, so you'll get high-quality search results.
  3. Fifty percent of the revenue generated from advertisers is shared with the charity, school or nonprofit organization of your choosing.
It's that easy!!!! And to make it even easier, here is a direct link for your searches to credit the Music Boosters.
If you have anymore questions, feel free to seach the FAQ http://www.goodsearch.com/About.aspx#faq18
Thank you for your continued support!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

See's Candies Fundraiser going on NOW!!

Now until November 21st you can place your order with any high school band/choir student or middle school choir student. The profits from this 7th annual fundraiser will go to the individual student Disneyland travel accounts or to choir trips and uniforms.

I realize the picture does not show you the prices so I will list the items from left to right starting from the top left. The prices that you pay through this fundraiser are the EXACT same price as you would pay at the kiosk at Bellis Fair Mall.

Holiday Fancy 1 lb. $17.50
Christmas Memories Tin 1 lb. $18.90
Truffles 8 oz. $8.60 * 1 lb. $17.20
Assorted Chocolates 1 lb. $15.00 * 2 lb. $30.00
Milk Chocolates 1 lb. $15.00
Dark Chocolates 1 lb. $15.00
Soft Centers 1 lb. $15.00
Nuts & Chews 1 lb. $15.00 * 2 lb. $30.00
Toffee-ettes 1 lb. $15.00
Peanut Brittle 1 lb. 8 oz. $14.00
See's Awesome Bars
*Peanut Brittle Bar 8 oz. $7.80
*Nut & Chew Bar 12 oz. $7.80
*Walnut Square bar 12 oz. $7.80
Gourmet Lollypops (Assorted) 1 lb. 5 oz. $14.00
Gift Certificates $15.00
Mini Holiday Fancy 4 oz. $5.00
Milk Chocolate Foil Balls 5 oz. $5.00
Snowman Box 4 oz. $5.00
Peanut Brittle 5 oz. $5.00

Delivery is scheduled for December 15th or sooner!
Thank you for being a part of our most successful fundraisers!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Our iPod winners

Thank you again to our students that collected names for the Safeway eScrip iPod drawing. The winners have been choosen and they should be presented with their 8GB iPod Nano by Mr. Herrick & Mr. Nelson.

Kody Adams - LMS


Bo Steele - LHS

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

eScrip Online Mall

Hopefully you have noticed this

on the side bar and are wondering "What's this all about?" Well! Let me fill you in. The online mall is a GREAT way for you to have eScrip donate to the Lynden Music Boosters while you do your normal, everyday online shopping. There are over 1,000 merchants and the percentage they donate varies but as we have learned from the Safeway eScrip program, every little bit helps and adds up.

The ONLY catch is that you need to start your shopping one of three ways.
1. Start here: http://www.shopping.escrip.com/ and sign up as a registered supporter
2. Click on the link on the sidebar and click the "shop now" button
3. Click on the link on the sidebar and click on the "Download AutoEARN" button. The program that this downloaded on the computer automatically knows when you shop at eScrip merchants.

Now, no worries about any spam or virus' being put on your computer. eScrip is a reliable and safe site.

You shop from the same websites you know and trust and pay exactly the same price.

The specific items you buy are not recorded in any way, just the total you spent from each merchant to calculate the earning to be donated.

With the holidays coming up be sure to visit the
Online Mall first
whenever you shop so we can earn every time!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Q. Why am I asked to write my check to the Lynden Music Boosters?

A. The Lynden Music Boosters has been helping the HS & MS band and choir teachers since September 2000. We are a non-profit, tax-exempt 501c(3) organization. We were re-created at first as a way to help Mr. Herrick make timely payments for travel trips (Disneyland, Silverwood, Wenatchee, etc.). Going through ASB took 4 - 6 weeks. When planning travel arrangements, that was too long to get a check out. We have expanded our scope of assistance in the purchasing of t-shirts, uniforms, purchasing fundraiser products, in addition to processing student travel deposits.

So you can imagine our surprise when we receive something like this
and this
in the mail. In our 8 years of processing checks, this is a rare event. And we thank you. We've noticed an increase in the past year of this occurring more and more. We understand times are tough but if you know that you will be closing your checking account please send cash or a cashier's check. If it is because of financial difficulties, please feel free to discuss any financial payment problems with your students' music teacher privately. They are kept confidential.

Thank you for your continued support of the Lynden Music Boosters and most of all, for supporting your student.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Band and Choir Family

When your student joins band or choir, they become more than just a band or choir member. They become a family. Especially if they have been in the same group since Middle School. They become close! They share in each other's accomplishments. They are sad when disappointments come.
Today our thoughts are with the Louws family. 2004 LHS graduate, Nate Louws was in a car accident early Saturday morning, October 11th on his way to Spokane. He has suffered a serious brain injury and he is in the ICU unit at Great Falls hospital. He is showing slow progress in his recovery. To keep up to date his daily recovery is being written in a journal. Please visit http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/natelouws
If you know Nate, you know his distinctive laugh. Very contagious!! Get well soon Nate! All our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Your Band family

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

It's "Back to Schools" Redemption time!!!

Redemption Information and Instructions

Non-registered eScrip families:

When you return to your local store anytime between September 12 and October 6, 2008 you will receive a register receipt tape. On the bottom of the receipt it will look like this:

Our receipt box, along with 3 other organizations, is located in front of the customer service desk on a table. Our box looks like this:

Frequently during the redemption period I will collect the receipts and enter them through eScrip to be posted to our account. If you would like to register you Safeway card please send an email to lyndenmusicbooster@hotmail.com with your red Safeway card number and we would be happy to process that information for you.

Registered eScrip families

Thank you!!! Your contributions will receive automatically be credited to our account through the regular eScrip payment process.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Safeway 10% Back to Schools

This program ends on September 9th so GO shopping!!
Have you seen this little yellow school bus on tags at the grocery store?
The yellow school bus tells you which participating products you buy that will count toward this program.
  • 10% of the purchase price can support the school of your choice (thank you for choosing the Lynden Music Boosters) when you use your registered Club Card between August 6th - September 9th.
  • If you are already registered with eScrip, your 10% contribution will be automatically donated to your school. Thank you! Thank you!!
  • If you are not registered with eScrip, there are 2 ways your school can earn: 1) Simply give your school your Club Card number! Your eligible purchases will be stored on your card and the Lynden Music Boosters can claim the 10% rebate
  • OR Your cash register receipt tapes with redemption codes will start to print on Sept 12 and continue through October 6th. Turn in any one of the receipts to any band or choir student or teacher or music booster board member and we can claim the rebate. There will also be a box with the Lynden Music Boosters name on it located in front of the Customer Service desk.
  • We have until October 13th to claim the redemption rewards.

This year Escrip will donate an additional $1,000 to the top 200 schools/organizations with the highest redemption dollars. Let's get that additional $1,000 this year!!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

The Lynden Music Boosters would like to publicly thank Mr. James E. Gassman for recommending our organization "as one that makes a positive contribution" to his employer, BP America, Inc. To express gratitude for our efforts, BP presented us with a check for $500.

Mr. Gassman is a former band student (trumpet player). He and his wife have two children that have followed in the trumpet footsteps of their Father. The entire family are wonderful supporters of music and other art programs. Thank you for this wonderful award and donation. It is greatly appreciated and will be used to uplift and encourage our students to progress in their music aspirations.

Mr. Gassman would like to honor the memory of the following band teachers that have had an impact on his life.

John Warden
Virgil Cleveland
Ray Blank
Lowe Bartruff

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Farmers Day Parade

There were New tractors and

..antique tractors.


...and horses.

And in between it all you could hear the foot taping sounds of both Lynden Middle School & High School band students. Thanks for all your working in preparing for this traditional Lynden parade!
You sounded GREAT!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Music in May Honor Band

The following students were accepted into the Music in May honor band held at Pacific University May 22-24, 2008. Congratulations!! Three of these students applied for and received scholarships to attend this event.

Amber Anderson - Sophmore ~ plays the Bassoon

Astrid Flores - Senior ~ plays the Euphonium

Liz Kayser - Sophmore ~ plays the Contra-bass Clarinet

Jessa VanderHaak - Senior ~ plays the flute

Kayla Washkow - Senior ~ plays the Clarinet

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