Monday, October 3, 2011

Time to make your voices heard!! ACT NOW!!

I just received this email from Mr. Herrick that he received from the Washington Music Educators Association.

Your voice is needed to keep music and other elective available to our students. Please do your part. If you have any questions feel free to contact Mr. Herrick over at LHS. But as always, remember to speak from your heart and using your own words. These ideas here are just to be used as a springboard.

Thanks all and feel free to contact the Lynden Music Boosters at or or leave a comment on our Facebook page

Greetings music educators.

The State Board of Education is proposing a change in the High School Graduation Requirements which could have a harmful effect on students. They are proposing lowering the elective credits from 5½ to 4, which could make it more difficult for students to take music classes all four years of their high school careers.

If you are concerned, as we are, and would like to share your thoughts with decision-makers, please note the following information and act accordingly.

The most effective voices in ensuring students continue to have reasonable elective offerings are those of parents and other supporters who are from the general community. We hope that you will encourage parents and other citizens to share their concerns with those who will be making the decisions.

The State Board of Education is surveying local school board members requesting their input on this issue. Because the change would affect all areas of the curriculum, we are asking messages be broad-based and speak to individual student's needs rather than just focus on music. We feel this is a stronger argument that will have a greater chance of success, as it could benefit ALL students.

LOCAL SCHOOL BOARD MEMBERS: If you or supporters of your programs were to wish to alert your school board members about the unintended consequences of this action, you might consider sending this message to them:
Because you serve on the school board, I know that you respect the individual needs of students. To this end, when you receive the State Board of Education's Graduation Requirements proposal for reducing the elective credits from 5½ to 4, we urge you to continue to meet individual student's needs by rejecting that option. Students need more, not less, flexibility in making class choices. And the electives should be the student's choice.

STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION: This message is suggested for members of the State Board of Education. Messages sent to will be shared with all state board members. You can also check who the individual members of the board are and e-mail any of them directly. That information is found at
Please do not reduce the number of elective credits for graduation from 5½ to 4. To meet individual needs, students need more, not less flexibility in making class choices. And the electives should be the student's choice.

The State Board of Education is slated to vote on this change November 9, so those wishing to act should do so soon. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Neal Porter, WMEA Advocacy Committee Chairman at


WMEA Advocacy Committee

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